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Microsoft is the company behind software like Windows, Microsoft Office and hardware like the Xbox and Kinect. The company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. MS-DOS was the product that propelled Microsoft towards success, but it is Windows and Office that made it what it is today. Microsoft is currently engaged in a number of projects, including Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox, Office and the Azure cloud computing platform. the large majority of desktop computers run on Windows.

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Bing For Schools Program To Bring Ad Free Results For Students

06/24/2013, Bing announced today that later this year it will be starting a new program called Bing for Schools. Under this program, schools in the U.S. will be able to tailor the experience for K-12 students as Bing will offer them ad and adult content free results

Xbox Engineer Laments Microsoft’s Xbox One Policy Reversal

06/21/2013, When Microsoft officially backtracked on their policies for the Xbox One, many gamers were thrilled by it. At the same time, there are gamers who probably did not see what the big deal was to begin with, and unsurprisingly it seems that at least one Xbox...

webOS Like Fate Predicted For Windows RT

06/20/2013, Windows RT will reportedly suffer a fate similar to webOS, because according to its upstream supply sources many brand vendors have stopped developing products based on this platform.

GameStop Applauds Microsoft For Reversing Their Decision

06/20/2013, So it was only yesterday that Microsoft officially rescinded their used games policy and always-on internet connection, possibly putting themselves back in the competition against Sony’s PS4, and at the same time winning back fans and customers who...