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Microsoft is the company behind software like Windows, Microsoft Office and hardware like the Xbox and Kinect. The company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. MS-DOS was the product that propelled Microsoft towards success, but it is Windows and Office that made it what it is today. Microsoft is currently engaged in a number of projects, including Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox, Office and the Azure cloud computing platform. the large majority of desktop computers run on Windows.

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Sony Still Vague On PS4 Used Games DRM Issue

05/29/2013, Sony's position on the issue of PS4 used games DRM restrictions is still vague, despite the fact that several high level executives have acknowledged gamers' campaign against such restrictions.

PS4 Used Game DRM Restrictions A Possibility?

05/27/2013, The mystery surrounding Microsoft's DRM restrictions on Xbox One used games give birth to the question whether Sony will be considering implementing the same restrictions as well for PS4 used games.

Xbox One Will Be Region Locked

05/27/2013, Gamers if you were hoping that things would be different with Microsoft’s Xbox One console in the sense that it will not be region-locked like its predecessors, the Xbox and the Xbox 360, it looks like you’ll be out of luck. Microsoft has seemingly...