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Motorola is an American telecommunication company that has been split in two: Motorola Mobility (now a Google company) and Motorola Solutions. Motorola Mobility now focuses on handsets and set top boxes, while Motorola Solutions works on infrastructure and enterprise products.

Popular Motorola articles

Motorola W7 Active Edition Slider

05/11/2009, Motorola might be in the doldrums, but they have a new handset in the form of the W7 Active Edition slider, boasting a built-in pedometer and personal trainer application. After all, they don’t have that much to lose so why not jump aboard the...

AT&T Carries New Phones

05/10/2009, A leaked AT&T rebate sheet (regardless of whether on purpose or not) have confirmed that the Motorola QA1 Karma, Sony Ericsson C905a and Samsung Jack i637 will be heading their way in the near future. The exact release dates are unavailable, but...

Motorola Clutch i465 Announced

05/03/2009, Motorola has just announced their latest Clutch i465 iDEN device that doesn’t look half bad at all – at least when compared to other iDEN phones on the market. It seems as though the iDEN phone segment is the graveyard for poor designs where...