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Nokia is a Finnish communications company that was the largest phone vendor (per unit) between 1988 to 2012. The company's history go back to 1871 but the Nokia that we know today (the Nokia corporation) was founded in 1967 by the merger of three Finnish companies. It is then that Nokia worked on networking equipment and was ultimately involved in the launch of the first cellular network in 1981 (Mobira Oy). Nokia because a key developer of GSM, the standard that we all know today. Although Nokia still produces a range of phones that includes entry-level handsets and Symbian smartphones, the company is counting on the Windows Phone OS to regain the share that it once had. The current flagship Windows Phone device from Nokia is the Lumia 920.

Huawei Wants To Work With Nokia, Rather Than Fight With Them

07/01/2013, When it comes to Windows Phone devices, there aren’t as many players compared to Android. You have Nokia, the main player, and other manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, and ZTE just to name a few. In a market with a few players, it could mean that...

Nokia RM-892 Spotted At FCC, Possibly T-Mobile’s Lumia 925

07/01/2013, Last week it was rumored that Nokia Lumia 925 for T-Mobile could be made available on the carrier in a couple of weeks’ time, and a recent FCC filing of a certain RM-892 may very well bring some truth to that rumor. While the device was not specifically...

Nokia Lumia 520 Could Be Headed For AT&T

06/27/2013, Nokia’s Lumia 520 whilst not the most powerful or the most feature-packed Lumia device, is something of a success story, especially in markets such as India where it has been selling out. It is possible that this is due to its affordability, but in any...

Nokia Lumia 925 For T-Mobile Rumored To Be Available In 2 Weeks

06/26/2013, T-Mobile users are probably eager to get their hands on the upcoming Nokia Lumia 925. Unfortunately while T-Mobile users are aware the handset will be arriving on their network, the bigger question is, when? While it remains to be seen, a rumor from the...

Nokia RM-875 Spotted At FCC, Possible International Version Of EOS

06/20/2013, So Nokia’s upcoming EOS Windows Phone device might have sort of been confirmed by Nokia themselves in a teaser photo, and if you’re still skeptical, a certain Nokia RM-875 has recently made its way by the FCC. Considering that the dimensions of the...

EOS 41MP Smartphone Confirmed By Nokia

06/19/2013, Nokia has confirmed through a subtle hint on its Conversations blog that it is indeed going to unveil the EOS 41 megapixel smartphone at its event scheduled for July 11th.

Huawei Denies Plans Of Buying Nokia

06/19/2013, Huawei has now denied that it has any plans of acquiring Nokia. It was reported yesterday that the company was open to the idea of buying this Finnish manufacturer.