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Nokia is a Finnish communications company that was the largest phone vendor (per unit) between 1988 to 2012. The company's history go back to 1871 but the Nokia that we know today (the Nokia corporation) was founded in 1967 by the merger of three Finnish companies. It is then that Nokia worked on networking equipment and was ultimately involved in the launch of the first cellular network in 1981 (Mobira Oy). Nokia because a key developer of GSM, the standard that we all know today. Although Nokia still produces a range of phones that includes entry-level handsets and Symbian smartphones, the company is counting on the Windows Phone OS to regain the share that it once had. The current flagship Windows Phone device from Nokia is the Lumia 920.

Nokia EOS Rumored For 9th July Launch

05/23/2013, We’ve been hearing some rumor about a Nokia EOS camera, supposedly Nokia’s Windows Phone take on the 808 PureView. While the existence of the device remains in question, another question would be if it were true, when might we be able to see it? Well...

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 Now Available In The US

05/22/2013, If you have been on the lookout for a spanking new Windows Phone 8 device, and yet do not want to pay top dollar for it simply because you do not have the monetary resources to do so, then you might be interested to hear that the folks over at T-Mobile...

32GB Nokia Lumia 925 Launch Rumored

05/20/2013, It has been rumored that 32GB Lumia 925 model will be launched in Europe next month. No official confirmation regarding this as yet.

Nokia EOS Gets Described In Detail [Rumor]

05/17/2013, We’ve been hearing rumors about the Nokia EOS smartphone, supposedly a Nokia Lumia device equivalent to the 808 PureView, except with Windows Phone calling the shots. We’re sure many are wondering what the device might look like, and with the...

Yellow Nokia Lumia 925 Rumored

05/16/2013, The Yellow Nokia Lumia 925 has reportedly been spotted in an image uploaded to one of the Facebook pages of the company.