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NVIDIA-HQNVIDIA is a computing company based in Santa Clara, California. The company was founded in 1993 by Jen-Husn-Huang, Chris Malachowsky and Curtis Priem. NVIDIA is known for its graphics chips which started with the RIVA, and later extended to the GeForce that has evolved to what most people know today. Desktop GPUs are split between GeForce (consumers) and Quadro+Tesla (Workstations) while mobile GPUs are integrated into the Tegra line of product.

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NVIDIA improves their 3D Vision glasses

03/15/2011, When the NVIDIA 3D GeForce system was first released, everybody was excited about being able to experience 3D gaming on their computers. But customer dissatisfaction soon arose when they found out the 3D glasses provided with the graphics card were...

T-Mobile to release LG Optimus 2X as G2X?

03/11/2011, According to speculations online, the LG Optimus 2X will be making its way over to this side of the world – and will be sold by carrier, T-Mobile and will be rebranded as the G2X. And that’s not the biggest part of the news. Apparently T-Mobile...

Tegra 2 phones confirmed to support the Sony PlayStation Suite

03/11/2011, PlayStation Suite arriving on NVIDIA Tegra 2 phones. According to an announcement on the NVIDIA Tegra Zone news portal, Sony will be bringing their PlayStation Suite to Tegra 2 phones later this year. The PlayStation Suite is an app store that will sell...

NVIDIA CEO: MacBook Air is the template for laptops of the future

02/17/2011, According the the CEO of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang, laptops in the future will all resemble the Apple MacBook Air – lightweight, thin and extremely portable. His prediction happened over a phone conversation with the folks at CNet, and here’s what he...

NVIDIA Project KAL-EL Preview

02/15/2011, KAL-EL: If you thought that Tegra 2 was fast, think again. We've got a bit more details about NVIDIA's Project KAL-EL, also referred to as Tegra 3 before

NVIDIA, Atmel team up to deliver large touchscren tablets

02/14/2011, [MWC 2011] NVIDIA and Atmel have come together in a show of solidarity in order to announce a partnership at MWC 2011 that will see them develop large touchscreen tablets in the long run. The touchscreen displays will hail from Atmel, and needless to say,...

Acer GH245HQ display offers support for NVIDIA’s HDMI 3D solution

02/10/2011, Fans of 3D displays will be overjoyed to hear that Acer has introduced its GH245HQ display that offers full support for NVIDIA’s HDMI 3D solution. What this means is that users will be able to enjoy 3D content via active shutter glasses from devices...

Acer releasing GN245HQ an NVIDIA 3D Vision-ready 3D monitor

01/31/2011, Acer has just added a new 3D monitor to their lineup: the GN245HQ. Sporting a 24″ panel with a 120Hz refresh rate LED backlight, 1920 x 1080 (full HD) native resolution, and NVIDIA 3D Vision support. But what makes this monitor different from other...

LG Optimus 2X Review

01/31/2011, LG Optimus 2X Review - This in-depth review of the Optimus 2X (LG-P990) covers virtually most practical aspects of this dual-core smartphone

Android Benchmark: Tegra 2 Wins It All

01/28/2011, Tegra 2 Benchmark - this page contains several Android benchmarks that compare the Tegra 2 powered LG Optimus 2X to other known Android phones.

The Trim Slice is one slim computer

01/26/2011, CompuLab, an Israel-based manufacturer that specializes in small computers have announced that they will be releasing another super small PC in the near future. Called the Trim Slice, this tiny PC really is something. Its dimensions are only 130 x 95 x 15...

GeForce 560 Ti Review

01/25/2011, GeForce 560 Ti Review - this review of the GeForce 560 Ti will go over performance, target audience and provides a simple bottom-line.

Tegra 3: Quad-Core and 3X Graphics Boost

01/24/2011, Tegra 3 specs: this leaked slide is almost as good as an official announcement. Tegra 2 will indeed have 4-cores and a graphics processor that will be 3X faster