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Apple And Samsung Patent Battles Might Be Resolved Out Of Court

12/30/2013, For nearly two years now we have seen both Apple and Samsung fight it out in court over patent disputes. Even though a verdict has been handed down that Samsung pay nearly $900 million to Apple for patent infringement, it appears that the case might not...

BlackBerry’s Patent Portfolio Valued At Roughly $2-3 Billion

08/14/2013, A few days ago BlackBerry announced that its board had created a Special Committee to probe “strategic alternatives” such as partnerships, alliances and even a sale of the company. A former Palm executive has said that buying BlackBerry would...

Apple Patent Describes Intuitive Battery Management System

07/25/2013, Battery life is a very real concern with electronic devices. As internal components get bigger and better, the need for substantial backup power increases as well. A new Apple patent describes an intuitive battery management system that will be able to...

Future iOS Devices May Have Built-In Projectors

07/16/2013, The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a new patent titled “Projected display shared workspaces” which details technology that would integrate small projectors in future iPhone and iPads. Obviously being granted a patent...

Apple Sued By Boston University For Patent Violation

07/03/2013, Boston University has sued Apple for violating a patent that was awarded to one of its professors back in 1997. A favorable verdict for the university might mean Apple would have to pay as much as $75 million in damages.

New Apple Patent Hints At Dual-Sided Track Pad For MacBook

06/25/2013, Apple has been granted a new patent in which it lists a dual-sided trackpad for future MacBooks. The patent says that this technology can be implemented in other form factors as well, such as smartphones and desktops.

Apple Believes Galaxy S4 Infringes Its Five Patents

05/22/2013, Apple has now claimed that Samsung Galaxy S4 infringes on five of its patents. The company wants this device to be added to the list of Samsung devices that are claimed to infringe Apple's patents.