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Remora UAV weaponized drone

10/13/2011, A Remora is a fish that attaches itself onto larger marine life, such as sharks, dugongs, manta rays, and whales, and this is precisely why this unmanned air vehicle (UAV) has been named such.

Predator Pool Table

08/05/2009, If you’re rich and single, then might we suggest getting the Predator Pool Table to score points with ladies who drop by (while making sure your mates have a jolly good time at your place whenever they drop by)? The Predator Pool Table won’t...

Acer Aspire G Predator desktop

07/31/2009, Acer recently announced their latest M-Series desktop PC known as the Aspire G. In other circles, it is also known as the Predator, and judging by its innards, it will surely live up to its billing as you take a look at the specifications below. Intel...