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Boxee Box Review

11/23/2010, The Boxee has been built with a simple goal in mind. Its creators say that “a lot of your favorite shows and movies are already available on the Internet. Boxee is a device that finds them and puts them on your TV. It’s easy to use and even...

Epic 4G Review

10/19/2010, Epic 4G Review - This in-depth review of the Samsung Epic 4G shows you how it really feels to use this smartphone and candidly lists the strengths and weaknesses of this smartphone

BlackBerry Torch Review

08/20/2010, The Blackberry Torch has been launched recently with relatively little fanfare, but signs point to the fact that it has taken the position of “best blackberry ever” from the Bold 9700. The Torch is now available on AT&T’s network and...

Droid X Review

08/11/2010, Droid X Review - The Motorola Droid X has arrived to augment Motorola's high-end smartphone offering. With an enormous screen and a fast hardware platform

iPhone 4 Review

07/17/2010, This iPhone 4 review goes in-depth and leaves all the politics and fanboism behind to focus on the actual user experience of using an iPhone. Is the iPhone 4 for you or not?

EVO 4G Review

06/05/2010, EVO 4G Review - This is in in-depth review of the Sprint HTC EVO 4G Android smartphone, we'll tell you how it feels to use one of these in the real world.

iPad Review

04/05/2010, This iPad Review is very detailed and covers : user experience, web browsing, eBooks, PDF, display quality and everything that you need to know about the iPad.

Nokia N900 Can Dual Boot Android And Maemo

01/24/2010, Nokia’s N900 is certainly a cool phone, but the Maemo 5 OS that it runs may not be for everybody. Considering that Google’s Android OS is one of the more popular operating systems out there at the moment, it’s really cool to find out...

Nexus One Review

01/18/2010, Nexus One Review - The Google Nexus One is the most anticipated Android phone ever. First, because Google was rumored to be "freeing people" from the the wireless carriers

Blackberry 9700 Review

12/23/2009, Because the Blackberry Bold 9700 has been called the “best Blackberry ever” by some, the excitement and expectations around this phone is high. It is true that the bold 9700 represents the apogee of successive refinements that Research In...

Nokia Booklet 3G Review

12/02/2009, The Nokia Booklet 3G was quite a surprise when it was first announced. With it, Nokia wants to differentiate itself by building a Netbook with a top-notch construction quality, a small footprint (it fits in a large purse) and small weight: only 2.64lbs....

SolarVoice i908 Bluetooth headset review

11/17/2009, Bluetooth headsets is something you either love or loathe, and I believe that there is no real middle ground here. After all, you don’t see people carrying a Bluetooth headset around but not using it, do you? While the higher end ones like the Aliph...

i.Tech SolarCharger 906 review

11/17/2009, Green technology has long been hailed to be the next big thing, and in a recent edition of the TIME magazine, it has singled out how California has been a hotbed for new and emerging technologies for a long time now, with green being the main theme way...

Motorola Cliq Review

10/28/2009, After a long walk in the desert, Motorola surprised everyone (or at least me) with the Motorola Cliq, an Android smartphone with a QWERTY sliding keyboard and most importantly MotoBlur, a combination of software and web services designed to unify all your...