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Solar Powered Sticker Phone

12/03/2009, How would you like to be able to stick your phone to the window and get it charged at the same time? Well, that’s what designer Liu Hsiang-Ling came up with in the form of the Sticker Phone. It can be attached to the window pane like via suction and the solar panel at the back will charge the phone. While we don’t think we’ll see any such phones in […]

AUO Solar Frisbee Roof project

12/01/2009, The maiden AUO Solar Frisbee Roof project is more than ready to roll out at the Taipei European School. Shaped like a frisbee, this solar roof offers a place for kids to play, and while it goes about to protect kids from sunshine and rain while they play, you also will find that the thirty-two 210 W photovoltaic (PV) modules are capable of churning out an output of 6.8 kWp […]

Oregon Scientific weather stations are solar powered

11/30/2009, Oregon Scientific has long released weather stations with built-in alarm clocks to the masses, but their latest release has a heart for the environment by being solar-powered. Boasting a detachable solar panel which will help juice up its internal battery whenever the sun is not playing hide-and-seek behind clouds, you can choose from the $69 Oregon Scientific +ECO Solar Weather Clock (RMR331ESA) or the $99 Oregon Scientific +ECO Solar Weather […]

Flexio solar powered radio

11/30/2009, Want a radio that will run perpetually without having you to worry about it running out of juice? The Flexio FM radio ought to fit the bill nicely, where it unfortunately comes with only one fixed FM channel. Well, at least it scores in the green department, and would work great as a door gift or something. What makes this special is the inclusion of a flexible speaker and equally […]

Sanyo Solar Parking Lot

11/30/2009, Sanyo will be rolling out a Solar Parking Lot in Setagaya, Tokyo next spring. This unique parking lot will obtain electricity thanks to the number of solar panels installed on top of the roof, where all the power will be stored in lithium ion batteries that will in turn be used to juice up electric hybrid bicycles as well as illuminate the LED parking lot lights. Apart from that, the […]

SolarVoice i908 Bluetooth headset review

11/17/2009, Bluetooth headsets is something you either love or loathe, and I believe that there is no real middle ground here. After all, you don’t see people carrying a Bluetooth headset around but not using it, do you? While the higher end ones like the Aliph Jawbone are priced slightly out of the reach of most folks who are currently running a tight ship, it is nice to see that the […]

i.Tech SolarCharger 906 review

11/17/2009, Green technology has long been hailed to be the next big thing, and in a recent edition of the TIME magazine, it has singled out how California has been a hotbed for new and emerging technologies for a long time now, with green being the main theme way before the rest of the world caught on. Having said that, with more and more people carrying additional gadgets and gizmos with […]

Solar bags rely on G24 DSSC solar technology

11/09/2009, Check out the new range of solar bags from Mascotte Industrial Associates of Hong Kong, where it will rely on DSSC (Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells) technology to make sure that your bag is able to store converted solar power in its internal battery so that you can later juice up thirsty gadgets at your very own time. Our own experience tells us that such solar panels aren’t exactly that effective, and […]

Sun Drive keychain is unique

11/09/2009, The Sun Drive keychain is very different from most other keychains since this model sports a USB solar charger that allows you to juice up a range of USB-powered devices on-the-go. Even though it is small in size, it is still able to offer up to 35 hours of juice for most portable devices, or roughly the equivalent of 100 minutes of talk time on your cellphone. Apart from that, […]

Smart Cover goes green

11/09/2009, So you own an iPhone, and want to make sure it remains in pristine condition most of the time through everyday travels. What do you do then? Get the Smart Cover, as this special charging case offers your iPhone or compatible iPod the ability to gain extra bits of juice on your travels for free thanks to a built-in solar panel behind. When fully charged, it supposedly dispenses up to […]

Japan team wins World Solar Challenge

11/02/2009, The recent World Solar Challenge saw the Japanese team emerge as winners, upsetting the pecking order that was once dominated by 4-time Dutch champs. They took top spot by making it past the finish line of the 1,864-mile solar car race that was held across Australia, completing the gruelling journey in 29 hours and 49 minutes even on a flat tire, giving it an impressive average speed of around 63mph.

Neuber Energy Sun-Bag

10/30/2009, Solar seems to be as much the in thing these days as with multitouch displays, and the Neuber Energy Sun Bag carries just one of those. It will feature a huge solar cell on the front flap which will help soak up the sun’s rays during the day and turn it into something useful, making it capable of juicing up tiny handheld devices of up to 5 volts. Perfect for […]

Regen Reverb solar-powered iPod dock

10/30/2009, iPod docks are dime a dozen, but how many of them are actually green and good for the environment? The Reverb solar-powered iPod dock from Regen is one of them, where it is capable of offering up to a dozen hours of continuous playback on a full charge. Charging is much slower compared to plugging it into a power outlet of course, where it will take 20 hours of outdoor […]

ReNu solar panel

10/26/2009, The ReNu solar panel helps you live up the green lifestyle with a built-in lithium ion battery that ought to be able to hold enough charge to juice up a compatible device including an iPod dock, an iPod sound dock, or a side light. All you need to do is leave the ReNu in a place where it will face direct sunlight for most of the day to keep the […]