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Sony i1 Rumored To Sport G Lens And Interchangeable Mount

06/25/2013, Word on the street that apart from the recently announced Sony Xperia Z Ultra, the company has another phone in the works also known as the Xperia i1, which was also known by its codename, Honami. Well thanks to new rumors, it’s starting to look as like...

Sony SmartWatch 2 Launched

06/25/2013, Sony has just introduced SmartWatch 2, which is a second screen for Android smartphones. The goal is to remotely control an Android app without having to touch the smartphone. With this device, users can either look at information (on the 1.6″ ...

Sony XPERIA Z Ultra Is Real, Very Powerful

06/25/2013, Sony XPERIA Z Ultra | Take an extreme form-factor, add the beautiful OmniBalance design and power it with a powerful Snapdragon 800 chip, and the result is the Sony XPERIA Z Ultra which is the most powerful large-display phone to date

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Leaked

06/24/2013, So we have managed to come across some leaked images of the alleged Sony Xperia Z Ultra, or rather, the Xperia ZU, more than a week ago, and here we are with yet another photo of the upcoming phablet for your viewing pleasure. Of course, those who have a...

New Sony Smartwatch Rumored To Have NFC

06/23/2013, The new Sony Smartwatch will reportedly have NFC technology. The device is expected to be unveiled at Mobile Asia Expo which runs from June 26 to June 28.

PS4 Release Date Is Apparently November 13th

06/20/2013, A poster from a European details apparently lists the PS4 release date, which is November 13th. We've heard quite a few rumors regarding this console's release date, Sony hasn't officially confirmed a date yet.