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Facebook Finally Adds Support For Hashtags

06/12/2013, Facebook announced today that it is enabling hashtags for users and Pages across the social network. Hashtags on Facebook will now be clickable and will display what other users and Pages are discussing about it.

Twitter Outage A Short One

06/03/2013, The recent Twitter outage was a short enough one, but it was still enough to disrupt the lives of some.

Twitter Makes It Even Easier To Edit Your Profile

06/02/2013, Twitter has introduced a couple of subtle changes which makes it easier for users to update their profiles. The changes include inline profile editing and drag and drop support for header and profile pictures.

Sky TV Uses Twitter Hashtags To Record TV Shows In Brazil

05/21/2013, What is it about Twitter that you love (assuming you do make use of Twitter’s service in your everyday life, of course)? Well, some folks would list down real time search as the biggest boon that Twitter has brought to your life, which is rather...

Twitter Was Right, Attacks Against High Profile Accounts Continue

05/05/2013, Recently a number of high profile Twitter accounts have been hacked. These accounts include several CBS ones, including that of 60 Minutes, nearly a dozen of The Guardian as well as the official Associated Press account. Just last week Twitter sent a memo...

Twitter 4.1 For Legacy BlackBerry Devices

05/02/2013, Out with the old, and in with the new, or so the saying goes. The thing is, not everyone is able to make the jump to the new any time they like, simply because of budget constraints. After all, the world is going through some pretty tough times at the...