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Varjo Demonstrates 20|20 Human Eye Resolution VR: Hands-On!

06/20/2017, Startup Varjo Technologies (Finland) is coming up with a VR product that provides something that the industry didn’t think would be available for years of not a couple decades in the future: human-eye resolution VR experiences. We tried this new VR...

Panasonic Professional 360 Real-Time 4K Camera: Hands-On

11/18/2016, VR and 360 videos are the focus of intense research and competition as broadcasting companies can sense that this type of content is about to become the topic of an intense push by the industry. To explore new ways to capture broadcast-quality 360 videos,...

Parrot Disco 50 mph fixed-wing Drone with Assisted Piloting

08/23/2016, At CES 2016, Parrot unveiled Disco, its new aircraft drone, and we were quite amazed by the design of this lightweight and manta ray-inspired form factor. Today, Parrot officially launched the Disco, and we will get our hands on it.