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iPad Tops Consumer Satisfaction Index In South Korea

07/04/2013, Yesterday we reported that according to a survey conducted by Naver in South Korea, it was found that Apple’s iPhone beat out Samsung and LG devices in South Korea with regards to customer satisfaction levels. Well it looks like Apple is beating Samsung...

Angry Birds Updated To Include New Levels, Powers, Traveling Pigs

07/03/2013, We know there are some of you who absolutely still cannot get enough of Rovio’s Angry Birds. You probably have multiple mobile devices, computers and video game consoles that have a version of Angry Birds ready for you to fling to your heart’s...

Apple Sued By Boston University For Patent Violation

07/03/2013, Boston University has sued Apple for violating a patent that was awarded to one of its professors back in 1997. A favorable verdict for the university might mean Apple would have to pay as much as $75 million in damages.

Low-Cost iPhone Concept Rendering Looks Pretty Decent

07/03/2013, The other day we managed to catch a glimpse at the rear panel of Apple’s rumored low-cost iPhone offering. Unfortunately the photo was not the clearest, and since the rear panel appears to have been taken off the assembly line, it was not the cleanest...