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Apple Reportedly Cuts iPhone Orders By 20%

07/09/2013, Analyst claims that Apple has cut its iPhone orders for the remainder of this year by as much as 20 percent. He also claims that a low cost iPhone is indeed on its way.

iOS 7 Option Points At AirPlay Support For Cars

07/09/2013, At the moment there are several car manufacturers who support Apple’s iOS devices to be plugged into their vehicles, although during Apple’s WWDC this year in June, the Cupertino company announced the iOS in the Car feature which was basically an...

Nokia Lumia 925 VS iPhone 5 Video Recording Capabilities

07/09/2013, The cameras on our smartphones are getting better with each release, although lately it seems that companies such as Samsung and Nokia have gone the extra mile in releasing phones where the emphasis is placed on the camera, making it seem more like a...

Apple Seeds iOS 7 Beta 3 To Developers

07/08/2013, Apple today seeded iOS 7 beta 3 to developers. Registered developers can now download it through Developers' Portal or over-the-air on their compatible devices.

NTT DOCOMO Losing Subscribers To Rivals Due To Lack Of iPhone

07/08/2013, A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Japan’s largest carrier, NTT DOCOMO, was not that interested in carrying Apple’s iPhone despite the device’s popularity. Their reasoning was that while it would definitely draw more customers in, there...