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Next-Gen Mac Pro To Be “Really Different”

06/06/2013, So we’ve heard the rumors that Apple is set to announce their new Mac Pro at WWDC, and that another has said that the computer would be getting a redesign. Well if you’re hoping that both these rumors pan out, here’s another for you which we’re...

Apple iWatch Trademark Reportedly Sought In Russia

06/05/2013, A Russian newspaper reports that Apple has filed for an iWatch trademark in Russia. It points towards a possible release in the near future, it also points towards a release at some time in the distant future.

iRadio Rumored For Fall Launch Alongside iOS 7

06/05/2013, A few days ago it was reported that Apple had managed to sign a deal with Warner Music which would allow the company to proceed with their plans for a music streaming service, tentatively named iRadio. It was assumed that because of this success, iRadio...