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Mobile phones are without a doubt our most personal and intimate computers. They are with us at all times, and we have become extremely reliant on them. At Ubergizmo we follow the latest developments, products and rumors of this extremely vibrant eco-system. Don’t miss a beat, and don’t forget that Ubergizmo is mobile-friendly too!

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YouTube and LG announce 3D mobile uploads

02/14/2011, 3 [MWC 2011] YouTube tested 3D support a while back, and now the company has announced, together with LG, that it will start accepting mobile uploads in 3D, allowing folks to easily share 3D videos. Of course, considering that LG is involved, the Optimus...

Xperia Play Hands-on

02/14/2011, [MWC] The highlight of the Sony Ericsson press conference was the official announcement of the highly awaited “PlayStation smartphone” aka the Xperia Play. Gaming is the most popular category in the Apple app store, so Sony Ericsson made a smart move...

LG unveils LTE voice and video calling

02/14/2011, [MWC 2011] We’re forever yearning for faster and better mobile connectivity and now LG has upped the ante with the world’s first demonstration of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and video call over LTE at this year’s Mobile World Congress via the LG...

Rightware’s stereoscopic 3D Android homescreen pictured

02/13/2011, [MWC 2011] Rightware, the company behind Audi’s MMI interface, will be showing off its new Stereoscopic 3D interface for the Android home screen at Mobile World Congress. The 3D home screen is based on the company’s Kanzi UI, a platform for displaying...

Pac n Twit mania hits Japan

02/13/2011, It does seem as though the Japanese have some sort of superior gaming DNA built into them – ever tried to play Tetris with them, or how about Street Fighter? Well, said fabled gaming DNA is now applied to a new “game” of sorts –...

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Preview

02/13/2011, Samsung Galaxy S 2 Preview: overall, the Galaxy S 2 seems to be a very good upgrade from the original version - especially when you consider the weight

Sony Ericsson unveils the Xperia neo

02/13/2011, [MWC] At the Mobile World Congress, Sony Ericsson yet unveiled yet another addition to their Xperia line up, the Xperia neo. Ergonomically designed to “fit perfectly in the user’s hand”, this phone is touted to make taking photographs a...

Xperia Pro

02/13/2011, Xperia Pro - Sony Ericsson just announced its latest business Android smartphone, aka the Xperia Pro. We had the opportunity to briefly get our hands on the device

Xperia Play Preview

02/13/2011, Xperia Play Preview - We had some play time with it, and here's the feedback from the front-lines

LG Optimus 3D officially announced

02/13/2011, [MWC] LG’s first 3D phone, the LG Optimus 3D will make its debut this weekend at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The world’s first full 3D experience phone will give users the ability to view and create 3D content that can be...

HTC HD7 Review

02/13/2011, HTC HD7 Review - This in-depth HTC HD7 review goes over the HTC HD7 design, user interface and compares this handset with others in the same price range.

Boingo introduces new unlimited Wi-Fi plan for Europe

02/12/2011, Boingo Wireless, the Wi-Fi industry’s leading provider of software and services has launched a new all-you-can-eat Internet access plan that caters for notebooks connecting primarily in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The Boingo Europe Plus...

Stock Android Gingerbread ROM appears for Droid

02/11/2011, If you happen to own the original Motorola Droid and have yet to make an upgrade of your smartphone, you would be mighty pleased to know that there is a stock Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM available from Peter Alfonso (also known as Bugless Beast). While...