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Mobile phones are without a doubt our most personal and intimate computers. They are with us at all times, and we have become extremely reliant on them. At Ubergizmo we follow the latest developments, products and rumors of this extremely vibrant eco-system. Don’t miss a beat, and don’t forget that Ubergizmo is mobile-friendly too!

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Huawei Gets A Windows Phone Store Of Their Own

05/24/2013, Just like other Windows Phone OEMs, Huawei is hoping to bring some exclusivity to its products with a WIndows Phone store of its own, but at the moment it seems a little barren.

Tizen-Powered Samsung Device Spotted In UA Profile

05/23/2013, When we talk about Samsung smartphones, what is it that comes into the mind of most folks? Why, certainly the entire Galaxy range would roll off the tip of most folks’ tongues, especially when you consider what a huge success the Galaxy family has been...

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Comes In Aurora Red This June

05/23/2013, Let’s just say that you are already a subscriber to the AT&T mobile carrier, and have been on the lookout for the Samsung Galaxy S4 for quite some time already, but never really managed to do anything about the situation simply because the two...

HTC One Reportedly Sells 5 Million Units

05/23/2013, We’ve been hearing several reports that HTC could be in trouble, what with the HTC First reportedly being discontinued about a month since it was released, and earlier this year the HTC One faced some delays which caused it to launch later than it...