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Mobile phones are without a doubt our most personal and intimate computers. They are with us at all times, and we have become extremely reliant on them. At Ubergizmo we follow the latest developments, products and rumors of this extremely vibrant eco-system. Don’t miss a beat, and don’t forget that Ubergizmo is mobile-friendly too!

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16GB White Nexus 4 Sold Out On Google Play Store

06/04/2013, The 16GB white Nexus 4 has sold out already at Google Play Store, indicating that there is strong demand for this device. The 8GB white Nexus 4 is currently available, and so are the variants in black.

Dual SIM HTC One Reportedly Coming To Russia

06/04/2013, The dual SIM HTC One is reportedly going to be released soon in Russia for approximately $960. It is not known if this variant will be released in other European markets.

Sony Xperia M Announced

06/04/2013, Sony announces the Xperia M, a low-end device which presumably will come with an affordable price tag.

Belkin Announces Grip Power Battery Case For The iPhone 5

06/04/2013, Let’s face it, despite Apple’s claims of a larger battery and a longer lasting phone, the iPhone’s battery does leave something to be desired, although we guess it will depend on how one uses their device to begin with. Now if you’re a heavy user...