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Mobile phones are without a doubt our most personal and intimate computers. They are with us at all times, and we have become extremely reliant on them. At Ubergizmo we follow the latest developments, products and rumors of this extremely vibrant eco-system. Don’t miss a beat, and don’t forget that Ubergizmo is mobile-friendly too!

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HTC T6 Phablet Specs Reportedly Leaked

05/30/2013, Alleged specs of the HTC T6 phablet have been leaked. This device is reportedly being developed as a strong competitor against Samsung's established Galaxy Note range of phablets.

Wake Alarm App Will Make You “Slap” Your Phone To Turn It Off

05/30/2013, We’ve seen many creative ways in which alarm clocks and alarm clock apps have been designed to make sure that the user actually wakes up instead of hitting the snooze button and fall back asleep. In this case we are looking at the Wake Alarm app that...