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Mobile phones are without a doubt our most personal and intimate computers. They are with us at all times, and we have become extremely reliant on them. At Ubergizmo we follow the latest developments, products and rumors of this extremely vibrant eco-system. Don’t miss a beat, and don’t forget that Ubergizmo is mobile-friendly too!

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Alleged iPhone 5S Parts Surface

06/21/2013, Over the past few days we’ve seen alleged components of the iPhone 5S leak, but today thanks to the folks at MacRumors, they claim to have gotten their hands on a couple of photos in which the iPhone 5S’ body and its innards sitting inside the body...

Qualcomm Adds Six New Processors To Snapdragon 200 Tier

06/20/2013, Qualcomm announced today that it is expanding its entry-level offering by adding six new processors to the Snapdragon 200 class. These are dualcore and quadcore processors that have been manufactured on the 28 nanometer processor.

Aio Wireless Gets AT&T 4G LTE Support

06/20/2013, Aio wireless prepaid brand announced today that it is adding LTE support. It hasn't been long since AT&T brought over LTE and HSPA+ support for the GoPhone brand, now Aio wireless gets it.

Verizon Galaxy S3 VRBMF1 Update Announced

06/20/2013, Verizon Galaxy S3 VRBMF1 update has been announced, it is expected to roll out in the next couple of days. It presumably fixes the LTE connectivity issues that plagued the previous update, which was pulled.

Alleged Photo Sample Taken By Moto X Leaked

06/20/2013, While we’re still waiting for the Moto X to be officially announced, @evleaks has recently uploaded a photo which has been allegedly snapped by the device’s camera itself. While the photo above doesn’t look too shabby, it seems that it was snapped...

Former Apple Designer Creates More Subdued iOS 7 Icons As A Concept

06/20/2013, When iOS 7 was revealed, many were pleasantly surprised by the visual changes afforded by the new OS, while others were horrified at the pop colors that Apple had decided to go with. While iOS 7 is still a work in progress, here’s how some of the icons...

Apple Sued Over Call Forwarding Patent By Texas Company

06/20/2013, It seems like tech companies being sued over alleged patent infringements these days has become the norm, and it looks like Apple will have to add another company to the list in the form of a company from Texas called Bluebonnet Telecommunications....

AT&T’s Blackberry Q10 Begins Shipping For Some Customers

06/20/2013, So the Blackberry Q10 for AT&T is set to be released to the masses come 21st of June, but it seems that some AT&T customers might be getting their orders a wee bit earlier. According to emails sent out by AT&T, some Q10 owners have been...