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PCs, Macs and other “large” computers may seem like the old players in today’s mobile world, but try living without one of those, and you’ll realize that they are still the most comfortable form of computing around.

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Shuttle XPC SB95PV2 SFF Review

01/14/2005, With the XPC SB95PV2, Shuttle has proven that the newest technology such as PCI-Express can be successfully integrated into a Socket 775-based small form-factor (SFF) system. Not only that, the XPC SB95PV2 is the world’s first Intel 925XE-based...

Philips "Media Center Control" Universal Remote

01/12/2005, Philips wants to push the Windows Media Center remote design further with this “Philips Media Center Control” remote that promises to make it easier to access videos, music and photos on your Media Center (MC) PC. The LCD screen on the remote...

Game Makers Support Blu-Ray, so what?

01/10/2005, The rally of game developer heavy weights such as Electronics Arts and Videndi Universal Games around Sony’s next generation DVD format Blu-Ray was largely commented in the press recently. I think that it was over-hyped. “The delivery of...