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Video games are one of the coolest things that computer technology has brought us. It started with blocky pixels and a ton of fun, and is now larger than the movie industry. Since Ubergizmo founders Eliane and Hubert have both worked in the video games industry, we will always look at Game Tech as something special.

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Halo: Spartan Assault Arriving On Windows Phone 8 Later This Month

07/02/2013, If you love the Halo franchise, perhaps you might actually love it enough where you wouldn’t mind a bit of Halo action on your phone. The good news for Windows Phone owners is that they will be able to expect Vanguard Games to release the first Halo...

Xbox 360 Controller Goes Gold, Literally

07/01/2013, Yes, I am quite sure that many of you out there are already hankering after the recently announced Xbox One, while some others who prefer not to be divided right down the middle have settled to place a pre-order not only for Microsoft’s upcoming next...