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Video games are one of the coolest things that computer technology has brought us. It started with blocky pixels and a ton of fun, and is now larger than the movie industry. Since Ubergizmo founders Eliane and Hubert have both worked in the video games industry, we will always look at Game Tech as something special.

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Original Super Mario Bros. Reimagined In HD

07/01/2013, There are some games from yesteryear that get remade into HD, and while this might be a way for a developer or publisher to garner some renewed interest in the game, some gamers might feel that by making the game “HD”, it kind of ruins the feel to it....

ArenaNet Opens Guild Wars 2 APIs To Developers

07/01/2013, While some gamers might be of the casual sort, logging onto their MMORPGs just to play for a few hours, catch up with friends and guild mates before calling it a night. Others are of the more hardcore variety, playing hours of end, only catching a few...

Mario Kart 8 For The Wii U Rumored For April 2014 Release

07/01/2013, We’re sure there are many eager Nintendo fans out there who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest Mario Kart designed for the Wii U console, Mario Kart 8. Unfortunately according to an unverified image taken from Nintendo Europe’s newsletter,...