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Video games are one of the coolest things that computer technology has brought us. It started with blocky pixels and a ton of fun, and is now larger than the movie industry. Since Ubergizmo founders Eliane and Hubert have both worked in the video games industry, we will always look at Game Tech as something special.

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Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Is Coy About Oculus Rift Support For The PS4

06/13/2013, We’ve seen several videos demonstrating what games might be like when played with the Oculus Rift VR headset, and while the list of supporting games is growing slowly, will we ever see it be compatible with Sony’s upcoming PS4? While the PlayStation 4...

Angry Birds Go! New Game Teased By Rovio

06/12/2013, Rovio teased today a new title of the Angry Birds franchise. Called Angry Birds Go!, only a sneak peak has been offered right now, with more information promised over the summer.

Cops Asked To Shut Ouya Down At E3 2013

06/12/2013, Now this is definitely a nuttier bit of news as we go through the day, hitting mid-week with a spring in our steps. Apparently, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and Ouya are at loggerheads with one another, especially when you take into...

Ubisoft Remains Undecided Over Used Games Stance On Xbox One

06/12/2013, Microsoft pretty much upset a ton of gamers when they announced their used game policy, although ultimately the decision to re-sell a used game will be in the hands of the publisher. Ubisoft is one of the big names in video game publishing and if you were...

Command & Conquer To Stop Featuring Middle Easterns As Militants

06/12/2013, Video gamers are probably well-aware that the “bad guys” portrayed in video games these days tend to originate from the Middle East, a stereotype which seems to be commonplace in the video game industry. However it look like Victory Games has decided...