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Video games are one of the coolest things that computer technology has brought us. It started with blocky pixels and a ton of fun, and is now larger than the movie industry. Since Ubergizmo founders Eliane and Hubert have both worked in the video games industry, we will always look at Game Tech as something special.

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Iron Man GTA 4 Mod Is Pretty Cool

05/27/2013, We've seen our fair share of mods, but if you love Iron Man and Grand Theft Auto 4, this is something worth checking out.

Xbox One Will Be Region Locked

05/27/2013, Gamers if you were hoping that things would be different with Microsoft’s Xbox One console in the sense that it will not be region-locked like its predecessors, the Xbox and the Xbox 360, it looks like you’ll be out of luck. Microsoft has seemingly...

New League Of Legends Cinematic Trailer Is Amazing

05/27/2013, Games like Valve’s DOTA 2, S2 Games’ Heroes of Newerth and Riot Games’ League of Legends are all pretty similar in genre and gameplay, and but it seems that the folks at Riot Games might have beat their competitors to the punch with some fan service...

GeForce GTX 780 Quick Review

05/24/2013, NVIDIA Has introduced its new high-end consumer graphics card, and it’s a monster. In fact, the new GeForce GTX 780 is very close to the company’s “professional” top of the line GeForce Titan, a Monolithic single-GPU card that...