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Video games are one of the coolest things that computer technology has brought us. It started with blocky pixels and a ton of fun, and is now larger than the movie industry. Since Ubergizmo founders Eliane and Hubert have both worked in the video games industry, we will always look at Game Tech as something special.

Diablo 3’s Expansion Possibly Pushed Back To 2014

06/12/2013, Diablo 3 was released for the PC back in 2012 and if you’ve hit the max level for your character and were looking for new content in the form of an expansion, do not expect it to arrive in 2013. Blizzard has not formally announced anything yet with...

Xbox One Pre-Order Stock Sold Out At Amazon U.S.

06/11/2013, Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One pre-order stock has sold out at Amazon U.S. They did not mention exactly how much the pre-order stock was, but believe that its going to be an indicative trend for this console's demand.

Best E3 2013 Game Trailers

06/11/2013, Battlefield 4 (Xbox/PS4) This game needs no introduction obviously, and we’ve put it here at the top of our selection because it was showing actual gameplay. It is not visually as impressive as a pure cinematic sequence, but overall, this shows some...

Playstation 4 Starts E3 And Console Race In Pole Position

06/11/2013, E3 has started in a big way and this year, Microsoft and Sony are getting all the attention since the battle lines for the next-generation game console have been drawn in a clear way since pricing, features and the first batch of games have been announced...