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Google To Shut Down Alfred On July 19th

07/11/2013, It has now been announced that Alfred, a local recommendations service, will be shut down by Google on July 19th. Users can collect their data by tomorrow.

Apple And Amazon Drop “App Store” Lawsuit

07/09/2013, Apple has filed an agreement that it will no longer pursue action against Amazon in the lawsuit involving the use of the term "app store" by Amazon for its Android Appstore.

Don Mattrick Reportedly Tried To Acquire Zynga While At Microsoft

07/08/2013, You might have heard the reports of Don Mattrick, the former Microsoft executive who ran Microsoft’s Xbox business, leaving for Zynga, and it turns out that Microsoft and Zynga could be more closely related than we might have initially thought....

MSN TV Will Be Shut Down On September 30th

07/07/2013, It has been announced by Microsoft that MSN TV is going to be shut down on September 30th. Known at first as WebTV, Microsoft had acquired it back in 1997.