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Snapchat iOS Update Brings New “SnapKidz” Version

06/24/2013, The new Snapchat for iOS app brings SnapKidz version. It is basically an offline mode that lets users under the age of 13 use all the features without enabling them to add friends or send and receive snaps.

FTC Announces Plan To Combat Patent Trolls

06/20/2013, An earlier report revealed that President Obama has decided to announce several executive actions that would help fight against patent trolls and reduce the number of patent troll cases seen in the courts, and now it looks like the Federal Trade...

Huawei Denies Plans Of Buying Nokia

06/19/2013, Huawei has now denied that it has any plans of acquiring Nokia. It was reported yesterday that the company was open to the idea of buying this Finnish manufacturer.

Facebook Discusses Potential Partnerships With Samsung

06/18/2013, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with Samsung President Shin Jong Kyun and discussed possible partnerships with between the world's biggest social network and one of the world's biggest smartphone vendor.