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Australian TV Anchor Goofs Up As Technology Fails Her

06/27/2013, Watch the YouTube video above and sympathize with new anchor Helen Kapalos, who thought that everything would run just fine that particular day, but as technology failed her, her tongue (and of course, brain) also did not manage to pull the situation...

Motorola Mobility Has A New Logo

06/26/2013, The new logo of Motorola Mobility has been spotted online. It touts a few Google touches, it has been a Google company since 2011 after all.

Computers Could “Optimize People” One Day

06/25/2013, Earlier today, Intel was presenting many of its R&D projects in San Francisco, and a few of them caught my attention. For example, this demo by Paul Crawford, a senior research scientist at Intel Labs, was particularly interesting. One of the research...