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GeForce GTX 590 Review

03/24/2011, The GeForce GTX 590 is out, and with it, NVIDIA can claim the crown for the fastest graphics card – barely,  but at least for a short while. To build the GTX 590, NVIDIA has put the theoretical equivalent of two GeForce GTX 580 cards onto a single...

Atrix Review

03/23/2011, Atrix Review - this in-depth review of the Motorola Atrix shows you the pros and cons of this high-end Android smartphone and its laptop dock.

HTC Thunderbolt Review

03/21/2011, HTC Thunderbolt Review - This complete review of the HTC Thunderbolt shows the strengths and weaknesses of the first 4G LTE smartphone in the USA.

iPad 2 Review

03/14/2011, iPad 2 Review - This complete review of the iPad 2 that shows you what it is good at, and where it could do better. Don't get one before reading it.

Dell Streak 7 Review

02/21/2011, Dell Streak 7 Review: this in-depth review of the Dell Streak 7 will show you what the tablet is about and how it compares with similar products.

HTC HD7 Review

02/13/2011, HTC HD7 Review - This in-depth HTC HD7 review goes over the HTC HD7 design, user interface and compares this handset with others in the same price range.

Galaxy Tab Review

01/31/2011, Galaxy Tab review - what does it do? What function does it create or improve upon? Here are the answers

LG Optimus 2X Review

01/31/2011, LG Optimus 2X Review - This in-depth review of the Optimus 2X (LG-P990) covers virtually most practical aspects of this dual-core smartphone

Nexus S Review

01/28/2011, Nexus S Review - This in-depth review of the Google Nexus S (by Samsung) goes over the new features of Android 2.3 (aka gingerbread), the design, usability and battery life.

GeForce 560 Ti Review

01/25/2011, GeForce 560 Ti Review - this review of the GeForce 560 Ti will go over performance, target audience and provides a simple bottom-line.

EVO Shift 4G Review

01/24/2011, Evo Shift 4G Review - the HTC Evo Shift 4G is presented by Sprint as a smaller version of their EVO 4G handset. Is that so, and what does it fell to have a QWERTY EVO phone? Check this review.

Punch Plugs Review

01/13/2011, To headphone makers, this must feel like a golden age: Apple alone has sold more than 275 million iPods. On top of that, hundreds of millions of other pocket musicians roam the world – wanna-be iPods as well as smartphones with built-in MP3 players. So...

Cr-48 Review

12/16/2010, Google, one of the biggest web companies, is dreaming about making the computing world to its own image. “The future is on the web”…”in a browser”, Google says. If you talk to Google’s Chrome team, you would sense a...