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Product reviews that are genuinely useful to you! You can find tons of reviews on the web, and some of them do a fine job, but at Ubergizmo we really do our best at showing you the important aspects of a product while cutting back on the “fat” which is made of needless descriptions of dwelling into details that have no real consequence. Read our latest reviews and tell us what you think!

Droid Incredible Review

05/28/2010, Droid Incredible Review - In this review, I'll tell you how I have used it and why I think that it is better than the Nexus One. Ready?

Alienware M11x Review

05/20/2010, The Alienware M11X has been designed to eradicate the idea that decent gaming laptops have to be heavy, loud and expensive. The idea behind the M11X is that a special-purpose (here, “gaming”) laptop can be tuned to bring a very good...

Macbook Pro Review

04/20/2010, Macbook Pro Review - this in-depth review of the Macbook Pro tells you how it is to use one of them on Mac OS, or Windows.

iPad Review

04/05/2010, This iPad Review is very detailed and covers : user experience, web browsing, eBooks, PDF, display quality and everything that you need to know about the iPad.

Sony Vaio Z Review

04/02/2010, The Vaio Z Series has been re-introduced by Sony at CES 2010 to spearhead its laptop line-up. It is supposed to be the best Sony can offer. It blends raw power and ultra portability in a good looking shell that encompasses a carved aluminum core. In 2010,...

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Review

03/16/2010, Most people look at scanners as a commodity that sometimes comes for free in the form of a printer/scanner combo (like my Canon MP150), but those who do serious scanning can boost their productivity simply by using a faster scanner and better document...

HP MediaSmart Server EX495 Review

03/16/2010, Although home servers can be very convenient for managing files and backups, they are still not ubiquitous in homes and small businesses. The main reasons for that: home servers can sometimes be a pain to setup and manage. They have also been PC-centric,...

Sprint Overdrive Review

03/03/2010, Since CES 2010, Sprint has unveiled the Overdrive, a 4G (WiMax) and 3G mobile broadband HotSpot that creates a WIFI bubble for up to five wireless devices. Sprint sees it as a potential replacement for low-end DSL connections, and certainly a replacement...

Nexus One Review

01/18/2010, Nexus One Review - The Google Nexus One is the most anticipated Android phone ever. First, because Google was rumored to be "freeing people" from the the wireless carriers

Blackberry 9700 Review

12/23/2009, Because the Blackberry Bold 9700 has been called the “best Blackberry ever” by some, the excitement and expectations around this phone is high. It is true that the bold 9700 represents the apogee of successive refinements that Research In...

Lian Li PC-V351 Review (HTPC aluminum case)

12/17/2009, I’ve recently severed ties with Cable TV and I use a PC to watch Hulu and Netflix to get my daily fix of TV shows. Even live programs like CNN could not keep me from going “web” and so far, I really like it. I’m currently using a...

Nokia Booklet 3G Review

12/02/2009, The Nokia Booklet 3G was quite a surprise when it was first announced. With it, Nokia wants to differentiate itself by building a Netbook with a top-notch construction quality, a small footprint (it fits in a large purse) and small weight: only 2.64lbs....

Palm Pixi Review

11/23/2009, When the Palm Pixi first appeared in May, there was a lot of excitement about an affordable Web OS device with a slim and sexy design. By the time Pixi had arrived to Market, a deluge of Android phones lead by the Motorola Droid and the powerful iPhone...

Motorola Droid Review

11/05/2009, Motorola Droid Review - The Motorola Droid is the first Android 2.0 to be commercially available. Droid is a high-end Android phone with a superb high-resolution screen