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Yahoo Downplays Concerns That Hackers Will Misuse Recycled User IDs

06/20/2013, Last week Yahoo announced that it would be resetting user IDs that have been inactive for 12 months. Some people have voiced concerns that hackers might misuse these recycled user IDs, that it could lead to online identity theft. Yahoo's Dylan Casey has...

Facebook Rolls Out Photo Comments

06/19/2013, Facebook today rolled out an entirely new feature. Called photo comments, this feature allows users add photos to comments.

RockMelt For Android Launched

06/19/2013, RockMelt, a content aggregation and discovery service is launching its Android app which aims at delivering a user experience that is tailor-made for Android devices which often feature large displays (check our Galaxy Mega 6.3 Review to see what...

Google Adds Interactive Carousel To Local Search Results

06/18/2013, Google has announced that starting today, local search results will display an interactive carousel at the top of the page. Users will be shown this carousel when they search for local places, such as restaurants, bars etc.

Microsoft To Stop Supporting Outlook.com Linked Accounts

06/17/2013, Microsoft has announced that it will stop supporting Outlook.com linked accounts in the next couple of months. Linked accounts were introduced back in 2006, they offered an easy way of switching between multiple e-mail addresses from Outlook.com.

Digg Reader Version 1 Launches On June 26th

06/17/2013, Digg Reader version 1 will be launching next week, with everyone getting access to it by June 26th. Digg has revealed various features that this free Google Reader alternative will bring.