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Google Glass Receives Its First Web Browser

07/02/2013, Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen a number of applications make their way to Google Glass that allows you to post on Facebook, browse Reddit and even a Twitter application, but up until now, it hasn’t been possible to browse websites...

This Art Project Disappears With Every “Like”

07/02/2013, You know how sometimes on Facebook you see posts shared by friends or family, asking you to “Like” a status or photo, after which a dollar will be donated to help a starving child or a war torn country? For the most part it’s nonsense and if you...

Amazon To Try Its Luck Selling Fine Art Once Again

07/01/2013, Amazon is reportedly going to start selling fine art once again. Art houses will reportedly be charged $100 a month just to be listed on the biggest online marketplace's fine art section

Kickstarter Expands To Canada This Summer

06/27/2013, Kickstarter has revealed today that it will be expanding in to Canada later this summer. For now they're letting people sign up who would like to be notified when Kickstarter becomes available in Canada.