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Bing Platform Shifts The Search War To Apps

06/26/2013, Earlier today, Microsoft’s Bing team has presented their latest developer tools at the BUILD conference which brings the Microsoft development community together for a few days in San Francisco. In the “demo app”, Bing engineers showed...

Twitter In-Stream Photo Previews Being Tested

06/26/2013, Twitter might be testing in-stream photo previews on twitter.com. What this means is that basically small previews of the tweeted image will be attached with the tweet itself.

Firefox 22 Opens Web To High Performance Gaming and Communications

06/25/2013, Firefox 22 has been officially launched and among the many changes and updates, the two that I find the most interesting are ASM.js and WebRTC. Now enabled by default, ASM.js is an optimization module for the browser’s JavaScript engine which makes...

Bing For Schools Program To Bring Ad Free Results For Students

06/24/2013, Bing announced today that later this year it will be starting a new program called Bing for Schools. Under this program, schools in the U.S. will be able to tailor the experience for K-12 students as Bing will offer them ad and adult content free results

AOL Reader Worth Trying As Google Reader Fades Out

06/24/2013, After a few leaks, the AOL reader is now official. I’ve played with it over the week-end, and I find it to be quite interesting. First of all, Google Reader (which is closing on July 1) users will like the fact that the List and Panel...