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Facebook Finally Adds Support For Hashtags

06/12/2013, Facebook announced today that it is enabling hashtags for users and Pages across the social network. Hashtags on Facebook will now be clickable and will display what other users and Pages are discussing about it.

Pirate Bay Gets Blocked In Ireland. What’s Next?

06/12/2013, Pirate Bay, a file-sharing oriented site, has been the object of an Irish court order which requires six local Internet Service Providers (ISP) to block it on their networks. This was reported by the IrishTimes which adds that about 200,000 people use...

Yahoo Redesigns Its Web Search Page

06/05/2013, Yahoo web search page for the U.S. is getting a new design. The page load times have been improved and results are shown higher than before.

Google Maps Engine API Launched

06/05/2013, Google just announced the release of their Maps Engine API, a service that allows customers to build, store and distribute their own maps and associated data in a public or private way. Google Maps Engine was formerly called “Earth Builder”....

Facebook File Transfer Possible With Pipe App

06/04/2013, The new Pipe app releasing tomorrow makes Facebook file transfer possible. Facebook users will now be able to send files as large as 1 gigabyte through the Pipe app.

Feedly Announces Support For Third Party RSS Apps

06/04/2013, You guys have probably heard that Google Reader will be shutting down come 1st of July, and we’re sure that many are already looking for alternatives, although if there is one service that seems to be pretty popular, it would be none other than Feedly,...