Asus EeePC 700 price is final

Looks like the folks at Asus have finally decided to agree on the price of the Asus EeePC 700 computer. You can place your pre-order at by just dropping $260. For that price, you get 2GB of storage space and a form factor of a miniature UMPC – and I thought UMPCs could not get any smaller. Of course, if you fork out an additional $140, you’ll be able to pick up the 4GB model (EeePC 701) that has the advantage of twice the storage space and a webcam. What exactly does one plan to do with these tiny UMPCs, I’m not sure. It surely isn’t powerful enough to run full-fledged applications decently, but for someone who uses online applications (GMail, Google Docs, Zoho…) and Skype, it could be a formidable (and uber-light) tool

Update: A Russian site reports that the local Eee PC price is $500 (12000 roubles)

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