Sharp SH001 Releases 8 Megapixel Camera Phone

Today is a milestone as there is a flurry of 8 megapixel phones released by our good friends over at Japan, and to kick start everything, the Sharp SH001 will get our attention first. This 8.1 megapixel shooter will feature both autofocus as well as Face recognition, including an ISO range of up to 2500. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, this cell phone won’t be available to anyone else apart from folks living in Japan. As usual, it comes in a clamshell form factor as with many other Japanese handsets, tipping the scales at 124 grams and measuring 48mm × 11mm x16.6mm. No idea on how much this will cost, but weighing it at 8.1 megapixels, you can expect to fork out a fair bit for it.

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