XCM Dominator PS3 Joystick Ready To Ship

If you own a PS3 and love beat ’em up games, then getting a decent joystick would be the right thing to do instead of relying on the SIXAXIS instead. XCM has something up their sleeves that might interest you – the Dominator PS3 joystick, featuring an arcade-style joystick that boasts programmable rapid fire/turbo and a macro mode for up to 20 moves, giving you the ability to churn out deadly combos that are all but impossible with a regular joystick. While purists might amount this to cheating, hey – some people just like having an edge over the others no matter the cost, right? Four memory keys are used to store the relevant macros, and these can be retrieved at the click of a button. Nice to see XCM throw in corny blue LEDs around the edge of the enclosure, although we’re pretty sure the blue light in a dark room will end up hurting your eyes more in the long run. XCM will ship the Dominator PS3 joystick from next week onwards for $89.99 a pop.


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