HIRO Robot Platform

Kawada Industries Inc. and General Robotix Inc (GRX) have teamed up to develop a new life-size torso humanoid robot platform known as “HIRO” (Human Interactive Robot). If clothed with synthetic human skin, one might even be fooled into thinking it is actually human since its movements are pretty similar to us compared to standard robots, making the upcoming Terminator Salvation movie all the more highly anticipated. The HIRO will see action in academic research institutes, where they are used to research human interactive robots that will enter service in actual living environments, in addition to helping companies develop next generation robot systems’ hardware and software when it comes to safety and interactive technologies. HIRO will be powered by Windows XP, so hopefully it won’t freeze up from time to time due to an unexpected error. This ain’t no plaything for the home as it will cost a whopping $76,963 excluding tax.


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