iPhone 3.1 Jailbreak

If you have a Jailbroken device, upgrading your iPhone or iPod Touch to OS 3.1 will make you lose the jailbreak. The iPhone DevTeam is working on an easy solution to help you out. However, we’ve spotted an iPhone 3.1 jailbreak tutorial that might help you out. Try at your own risk…


This tutorial will be using redsn0w version 0.8. There is no redsn0w 3.1 out yet, but this worked for me on 1st Generation iPod Touch 3.1. It may not work for iPhone. If this does not work then don’t complain! I recommend you wait for the Dev Team to release the next version of redsn0w (which may be some time this week). I’ll make another tutorial once they do. (quickpwn.com)

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