CES 2010 was a blast and here’s a sample of what we think was the Best of CES. Check them out, give us your opinion, tell what what else you found was cool and worth looking at. Thanks for tuning in to our live blogging last Wednesday and thanks for following CES 2010 with us. Next month we will be at Mobile World Congress!

Parrot AR Drone

The parrot AR Drone has generated quite a buzz. Although we’re not sure if it will actually be a commercial success, but it was very refreshing to watch a refreshing product from a company that is known for its Bluetooth hands-free products. Check out the video.

LG X300 Netbook

LG X300 Ultra-Thin Laptop - Superb

The LG X300 is a beauty and it sure is a great candidate for the ultimate email laptop, for those who are in meetings never too far from their office. Yes, its 2-Cell battery seems to fall a little short, but that’s the price of thinness.

Boxee Box

Boxee Box is the hardware incarnation of the most exquisite media player in existence. The User interface is beautifully designed and the hardware is powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra, so it can handle the most complex media files.

Mint Floor Cleaning Robot

Anything that cleans for me is my friend, and admit it, this little robot is a cutie. It cleans hard surfaces and uses standard wipes. Unlike most competitors, Mint is smart enough to know where it has already gone and that means that it will finish the job faster.

Sprint Overdrive

Having a piece of broadband in your pocket was already possible, in theory, but with WiMax, you can say goodbye to the sluggish 3G limited bandwidth and its high latency. This feels much closer to your average DSL connection, and when Sprint says that bandwidth usage is “unlimited” they don’t mean 5GB or less, they mean Unlimited. Sprint Overdrive

Samsung 9000 Series LED HDTV

They did it again, Samsung has built a fantastic-looking HDTV. On the show, this television was nothing short of “stunning”, it was the masterpiece of one of the nicest pavilion at CES.

Marvell Smartbook Reference Design

Marvell’s smartbook design embodies why smartbooks have a legitimate chance to succeed. This reference design is very light, fast and terribly sexy.

Sony Vaio W Eco-friendly laptop

Sony has been pushing for eco-friendly technology for years, but when the Vaio W is a shiny white 10.1 netback with a high-resolution display and a 7 hour battery life, it’s hard not to like it.

Horizon Hydrofill Portable Hydrogen Refueling Station

Horizon Hydrofill Hydrogen Refueling and Storage Solution

Local energy production might be the future and if that’s true, the Hydrofill station is certainly part of it. This Hydrogen generator is supposed to be able to generate 10L of Hydrogen per hour (10!). The Hydrogen would be stored to be used later with a Fuel Cell.

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