Flooded gaming consoles


If you’re an avid collector of retro video game consoles you’ll probably feel the pain of this poor guy in Brisbane, Australia. Amidst the recent floods that have been happening in that part of the world, the latest one totally wrecked his lifelong collection of retro gaming controls. PC-Engines, old Segas, Nintendo Game & Watch handhelds, game cartridges – you name it, he probably had it (maybe even more than one) – were all gone with the flood. What was once an impressive collection of classic pieces of hardware is now a bunch of soaked, muddied, and worthless boxes. Such an unfortunate disaster that had to happen to him. Well, at least he’s safe and sound. Something tells me he won’t be starting another collection in the near future. I wonder if his consoles can be saved if they were cleaned and dried carefully?

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