If there was one ability that we would like to have, it would be being able to understand different languages wherever we go. Surely that would help us in a long way, imagine being in a foreign land and yet knowing what is going on around you with all the chitter chatter, and getting directions is a whole lot easier. Well, Samsung might have something up their sleeves that could very well deliver what you’re looking for – on a smaller scale, of course. Transparent AMOLEDs will play a role here, where the Real Translator works by holding up the device as seen above while facing your friend. You can then go ahead and talk, where the Real Translator will interpret whatever is spoken in real time and give a rough translation on the spot. Of course, we don’t know how accurate the translation would be, and how fast is it since there are plenty of other variables to consider such as accent, speed of speech, etc, but with Samsung Mobile Display claiming that this product can be mass produced in due time, we look forward to the future with delight.

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