Med-Jet needle-free injection systemWhat do kids fear most at the clinic? Needles, of course! In fact kids aren’t the only ones who are afraid of the dangerous looking tool, adults can get scared too. Part of growing up involves discovering what hurts and what doesn’t, and we all know sharp, pointy metal objects definitely don’t rank high in the list of things to touch. Some progress has been made in this department, and the folks over at the Chinese SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration) have approved the Medical International Technology’s Med-Jet needle-free injection system. The Med-Jet needle-free injection system is a gun that uses compressed air for injection delivery and looks a whole lot less scary than needles (though some people might disagree). Using this needle-free gun, shots can be administered much more quickly than the traditional needle, and less time spent getting a shot means less pain right? This high-speed injection method allows doctors to perform 3000 injections per hour, so we’ll be seeing it used for mass vaccination in the future. Let’s see if these “guns” make it over to the states. How many of you would rather get an injection through a gun than a needle?

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