There is nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction after you have saved your money for a rainy day, and here we are with a concept thanks to the brains of Wang Chao, Maggie Kuo and Jordi Parra. This piggy bank works differently than the rest, as it is more or less like those virtual pets that live on a physical device (Tamagotchi, anyone?), save that you just need to give it some cash to keep it happy – and this is achieved by inserting your credit card. The concept will rely on an iPhone that is stowed away the laser cut wood pattern facade that makes sure it is capable of expressing itself via animated eyes, while being hooked up to an Arduino BT helps it detect whether a credit card is inserted into the slot or not. The whole idea behind this is to detect people who are nearby, demanding for some money like a hissy, spoilt kid who has been deprived of his/her monthly allowance. Not too sure whether the interest charged per credit card transaction is worth the effort though. Image from OhGizmo.

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