iPhoneLooks like Verizon wasn’t kidding when they said the customers demanded for the iPhone to be on Verizon. It has been reported that less than 24 hours after the 3am EST pre-sale launch yesterday, every single iPhone 4 on Big Red has been snatched up. While we have no idea what the number is, we’re willing to bet that it’s quite a lot. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the 10th when the iPhone 4 is released to see if Verizon releases any figures to let us know how many they sold. So if you’re not an existing Verizon customer or you are and you missed out the first pre-sale, the next pre-sale will be happening less than a week away on February 9 – 3am EST as well. Set your alarm clocks, and be prepared – you’ll never know how fast the next batch will sell out either.

Update (12:10PM): Verizon has announced that the phones were sold out within 2 hours, though they didn’t say how many were sold. Better act fast if you’re thinking about picking one up at launch date.

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