The Typescreen

In today’s fast moving world of technology, the past will soon be forgotten unless we choose to keep it around. Case in point, trends in the world of fashion and music are a good example of the past resurfacing all the time. But in technology, we rarely see it happen. Usually when something is left behind in the dust, it stays there forever. But some things are harder to let go. Like typewriters. If you’ve grown up using one, nothing will beat the tactile feel you get from hitting the keys on a typewriter, not even the physical QWERTY keyboards of today and especially not the virtual onscreen keyboard of the iPad. Well if you’re one of those people looking for the typewriter experience again, this new typing accessory for the iPad might be right up your alley.Spinning Hat put 16 months of research into coming up with this unique physical keyboard for the iPad called The Typescreen. The retro feel of typing on a typewriter, added to all the touchscreen functionalities of the iOS tablet is a typewriter fan’s idea of heaven. Officially licensed by Apple, and limited in supply, this typing accessory is something you don’t want to miss out on. If not for functionality, it does make a very cool dock for you to stick your iPad in when it’s not in use. Purchase The Typescreen ($April Fool’s).

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