Moodagent for Windows

Moodagent for Windows


We have published several times about the popular mobile music application MoodAgent that has been downloaded over one million times on the iPhone and counts 4 million users on Nokia devices. From the colorful user interface, users can set their current mood using 5 sliders: sensual, tender, happy, angry, tempo, the app will then automatically select music and create playlists according to this mood.

Until today, MoodAgent was only a mobile application for iOS, Symbian, Android, BlackBerry (soon), and to respond to its power users’ request who own huge music libraries on their desktop, Syntonetic (the developer) is launching MoodAgent for Windows on the Intel AppUp store.

Check the feature list after the jump.

Features include:

  • Automatically create mood-based playlists by setting the mood-sliders or choosing a seed track
  • Profiles your music based on emotion, mood, genre, sub-genre, style, tempo, beat, vocals, instruments and production features
  • Localized recommendations: Activate a playlist with a mix of your own library and then use any track within that playlist to generate online recommendations that match the specific mood values of the playing track.  Recommendations are personalized to your musical taste and to your geographic listening habits
  • Ability to buy recommended music – access to the 7digital Store in one click
  • Save and replay favorite playlists
  • Try before you buy: Pre-listen to recommendations

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