If you’re a kid sometime in the late 1980s, then chances are pretty good you’ve heard of Lazer Tag, or even participated in some Lazer Tag leagues/games. I remember those Lazer Tag advertisements that were strategically inserted in my Marvel comics of yore, they really made me want one badly, making myself a pest to my parents for years. Well, Ubisoft wants to bring back memories of the past in a more modern format with their Battle Tag laser game system that has just gone through the FCC for testing. Similar to Lazer Tag, Battle Tag will rely on laser emitting guns and laser detecting vests, but there is the added caveat of ammunition to worry about since you will need to rearm yourselves with virtual ammunition cartridges instead of just being trigger happy. Battle Tag also boasts of team modes which can be managed via a separate USB sensor known as UBI Connect. A Battle Tag system will start from $130 upwards, where expansion packs will be available from $20 to $60. Time to find a garden to roll back the years – if only my body can handle the intensity of the game.

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